How to choose a good quality LED High bay light?

     LED high bay light replaced the traditional light for factory workshop more and more, led light is a big advantage of the LED light source, to bring more convenience to people's lives
     Then how should we to purchasing LED high bay light:
     1. LED High bay light energy efficiency. Which mainly depends on the type of lamp or light industrial use efficiency of the light source;
     2. The mining life of the lamp. this high bay light uses light source lamp failure rate and mining uses electronic life of the device;
     3. LED High bay light protection grade, mining lamps are generally more harsh working environment, therefore, mining lamps must have good waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistance, IP65 degree of protection of the general high bay light is more reliable;
     4. Finally, thermal performance mining lamp. high bay light cooling performance has a direct impact on the use of LED mining lamp Life, the better the thermal performance of high bay light, high bay light life is also longer.
      LED high bay light belongs to high-tech product, but some LED high bay light technology people began to  make money and sell substandard began producing LED Bay Light, this is disturbing LED high bay light market. This is not only LED high bay light wholesalers is a risky investment,It is a kind of irresponsible users.if this group of poor LED mining lamp on a construction site, It is likely to cause some accidents, so the production of each LED high bay light is a step can not be ignored.

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