LED Floodlight application advantages

     LED Floodlight used primarily for single building, historical buildings exterior lighting, light outside the building through lighting, LED flood light indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other specialized facilities lighting, bars, discos and other entertainment atmosphere lighting.


     LED Floodlight can either use a single installation, or you can combine centralized multi-lamp mounted on a pole over 20m constitutes high pole lighting. LED Floodlight addition to modeling, centralize maintenance, poles and footprint reduction and other characteristics, the biggest advantage is that the lighting function is strong. Light shone down from a height, the ambient space, and high brightness, light coverage, giving a feeling similar to daylight, so it has a higher quality of lighting and visual effects. In order to meet outdoor use on minimum security performance requirements, LED flood light enclosure rating should be IP × 3 (open). In order to improve the durability of lighting performance, reduce maintenance workload, there is growing emphasis on the development of a one-time investment costs higher sealed LED flood light, its shell protection grade is IP55.


  LED floodlight fixture in order to further increase the light output ratio, reflectors tend to use stopper block plate surface reflector in order to help to reduce the source and meet specific lighting requirements of multi-focal reflector; reflector surface treatment tend to adopt new materials and new processes to obtain more than 96% reflectance.


  To alleviate LED Floodlight weight, and reduce the consumption of metallic materials, shell lamps will develop through high temperature, high mechanical strength, anti-aging plastic shell direction.

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