Why LED Energy Saving Lamps Will Become the Mainstream in the World Market?


    According to incandescent light bulb elimination route diagram released this year by the Chinese government, sales and imports of 15 watts general lighting incandescent lamps and above will be totally prohibited by October 1st in the next year. It is observed that incandescent lamps and the greatly promoted energy saving lamps have basically withdraw from Chinese market and LED lights will become main choice in lighting market.

    Meanwhile, the Indian government is strongly promoting LED energy saving lamps now. Early this year, Prime Minister Moodie announced the promotion package plan of LED energy saving lamps applied in the government office buildings, streets and avenues and average families.

    According to the promotion plan, India is going to replace general household electric lights and road lights in 100 cities with LED energy-saving lamps in March 2019. At present, the number of ordinary light bulbs in the India market is 770 million, and the number of street lamps is 35 million. It is estimated that if the street lights are all replaced, the total energy consumption will be reduced from 3400 MW to 1400 MW, and 55 billion rupees can be saved per year.

    Although LED lamps cost is higher than that of the traditional bulbs, its energy saving function and long service life make led lights are very popular in the market.Therefore, in the long run, the wide use of LED lamps can play a dual role in energy saving and public expenditure.

    Based on what mentioned above, Shenzhen Glanlighting Co.,Ltd.seizes this opportunity to adjust their development strategies actively and it has the courage to bring forth new ideas for pursuing a greater market.

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