7 Tips Help You Purchase Great LED Flood Light

Flood light that is a source of artificial illumination having a broad beam and the light’s direction can discretionary adjusted. It can work with low current, so it is called new energy-saving lighting source. If the environment temperature is high, the dominant wavelength of led flood light will be red shift and the luminance will be decline as well as worse uniformity of luminance. However, many inferior led flood light merchants sell their bad led goods instead of great performance led flood lights. Do you know how to purchase great LED flood lights? Let’s read what  www.glanlighting.com suggests to do?

1. LED Bead
Difference brightness led flood light have different prices. More led beads,greater brightness and higher price. Because led bead is a high-tech product, people are advise to purchase led flood lights in regular brand manufacturers in order to ensure the products stability.

2. Anti-static ability needs to be considered. 
LED anti-static ability more powerful, longer lifespan and higher price. In general, led flood light with 700V anti-static ability can be used as light-fixture.

3. Color
Color of led flood light with consistent wavelength is pure so this kind of led flood lights is more expensive. It is advised that people had better to ask the manufacturers to test color of led flood light with led instrument.
4. Leakage current is also important. 

LED flood light is one-way conductive luminous body. If any inverse current, it’s called leakage current. Larger leakage current and shorter lifespan and the light bead is easily burn out. It is advised that do not purchase led light with large leakage current in spite of its economic price.

5. Beam Angle

Different beam angles of led flood lights have different lighting effect so they have different prices. In general, price of led flood light with special lighting angle is higher. It is advised that the beam angle should be considered when purchasing LED flood light.

6. LED Chip
Luminous body of led flood light is chip. Price difference of different chips is very big. Chip made in America and Japan is more expensive than that made in Taiwan and Chinese mainland. The size of chip will also influence the lighting effect of led flood light. Big led chip is usually better than small chip. LED flood light price is in proportion to its chip size.

7. Rubber
Rubber is a factor that must be considered when purchasing LED flood light for it is very important for LED light’s lifespan. Generally speaking, ordinary LED rugger is epoxy resin but high quality outdoor LED light should  be uvioresistant and fireproof. Therefore, LED flood light with uvioresistant and fireproof function is more expensive. You had better to choose LED flood light with uvioresistant and fireproof function if used in outdoor.

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