LED High bay light Manufacturers We note you the safety when using LED Mining lamp

Mining lamp is a relatively high use in indoor places of professional lighting equipment, we all know that the work environment is very evil Inferior

place if mining lamps do not pay attention when in use security, then it is prone to accidents. So workers Manufacturers miner here to remind you 

that the use of mining lamps must pay attention to safety.  

Since mining lamp is installed in large indoor venues, the working environment is not very good, but a lot of dust. Coupled In the open working 

process, often there will be some noise ring, so mining lamp must be securely installed.LED High bay light  Manufacturers We suggest that you use 

screws good lamp, which can effectively prevent mining lamp lamp holder loose.

In addition, we also should always test mining lamps line is not aging, and prevent aging caused because the line Short circuit accident.

All in all,LED High bay light manufacturer We hope that customers can use mining lamps have a certain sense of security, right the installation of 

this particular mining lamp lighting device. 

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