LED high bay lamp products do not destroy the eye

According to LED high bay lamp supplier introduced, in order to meet the different needs of the production environment brightness control, with the advent of LED high bay lamps on the market, providing better lighting conditions for workers in different sectors. According to understand that, the reflector of the production process on the market today are more advanced LED high bay lamps, suitable for generating different width of the light distribution to meet the needs of each workplace.

Today's LED high bay lamp light distribution not only in the shape of the design is also made new progress. For example, most suppliers of LED high bay lamp LED high bay lamp will be applied on the surface of a layer of paint and glaze, so showing a white surface LED high bay lamp, the light cover up, look brighter, while not hurt the eyes.

Given the most LED high bay lamp will be used in large-scale plants and place the case, LED high bay lamps suppliers have prism glass and mirror glass made into a reflector. This reflection is not only the distribution width of the beam, the light control can also improve performance, make better performance of the whole section LED high bay lamp.

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