How to get a safety lamps

In the market, a variety of dazzling lighting, some consumers do not know how to pick good performance lamps, LED high bay lamp manufacturers face a variety of products, hesitant. In this regard, insiders suggest that consumers must first choose big brand products, the more famous brand, its product quality also can not go wrong.

According to LED high bay lamp manufacturer introduced major brands LED high bay lamp performance is very good, better than the traditional LED high bay lamp performance many times. Because the traditional LED high bay lamp light source will make the temperature rises rapidly LED high bay lamps, before long there will be a short-circuit or burn, and the highest temperature can reach a couple of Baidu. The new LED high bay lamp is different.


Most of the temperature difference between the miner's lamp manufacturers have introduced new LED high bay lamp, with its own cooling system, in the cold light emitting will use to make lamps is not much difference, because it will not make LED high bay lamp temperature increases shorten life. The emergence of performance, so that users are safer when using LED high bay lamp.

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