Outlet LED lighting market in agriculture

LED agricultural lighting market, and is closely related to the development of modern agriculture, however, at this stage of plant factories, and other facilities of their own agricultural development there are still many difficulties in the application of LED light source is not very full.

Current pain point LED agricultural lighting applications is profitability, build sustainable and profitable business model is very important, although safety and environmental protection, food quality is highly valued, but domestic consumption is still limited, LED applications in agriculture tend to focus on high value-added such as nursery, ornamental flowers, herbs, high cash crops, is limited to the domestic environment, many related enterprises are turning to overseas.

After contact with customers at home and abroad, to visit many growing areas, including agricultural marketing network company, as well as research plant factory where you will find a number of different domestic and international agricultural development.
On the one hand, the lack of some good domestic agricultural products, innovative marketing system, competition in the market, in fact, not the brand of agricultural products, the introduction of the concept of quality. If there is a new sales system, this system can such certification, quality, brand to come in, increase the added value of agricultural products, vegetables distinction grade in cultivating the market environment is very important.
On the other hand, the country will also need to upgrade the modern farm management techniques. Compared with foreign mature farm management system, such as the domestic agricultural cooperatives still in the stage of extensive management, from the sale of part of the output link until, in the middle there was little fresh and some other deep processing. Some plants overseas factories, such as greenhouse crops, investment is very large, but still a profit, or profit, due to the privatization of land, the land of their low cost, can operate continuously invested update source equipment. By contrast, the country still in its infancy farm management, management techniques need to be improved, a lot of farm land is contracted form, a lot of willingness to make great efforts to the main farm business investment is not strong, compared to continuing operations, and more want to see kinds of products a year, one season will be able to recover the cost of so unfavorable to the development of agricultural facilities, the product is getting narrower to reduce costs in the process, the future of the industry need to pay attention.
Cost price, input and output is currently disproportionate pain points. Invested in terms of domestic investment is not high, foreign investment in greenhouse cultivation are often very high, and very mature management system, from the deep processing and selling, including transportation storage, and not a lot of additional costs. Domestic process, the cost of many intermediate links, but also resulted in costly crop, in fact, is not very high income farmers planting end, there may be profits in the lowest part. In this condition, LED light source, although prices continue to lower costs, compared to traditional light sources, is still a high point.
Insiders said that the current profitability of the plant and other factories and unfavorable cost a great relationship, high initial investment costs and high operating costs, such as electricity, winter heating, summer cooling costs as well as the labor costs. In addition, the logistics costs are high, unlike the foreign and domestic cold chain system is not perfect, the intermediate links, the loss rate is high, the price is high, to reduce costs, but also in all aspects of the whole industry chain's intentions.
How way?
Clearly, LED lighting market in agricultural shine depends on the development of modern agriculture need artificial light. In LED technology has improved, the cost price continued to decline in the situation, how to better develop the agricultural market, as well as to explore the business model to achieve sustainable profitability have become concerned about the direction of industries and enterprises.
Plant Factory is one of the major agricultural areas of LED lighting applications, and now the number of large and small-scale plants are also many factories, XU think, from the perspective of the development of plant factories, take a small-scale, distributed close to the consumer, while precise positioning and product mix, save intermediate links, it is an important way to the development of agricultural markets.
At this stage, is still a high value-added vegetables and herbs products more "profitable" for product positioning, insiders believe that the plant can not take plants grown products compared with the field of products, otherwise they will be bigger and narrow. In addition, the plant factory products if combined with some restaurants, the plant will help increase the commercial value of the plant.
For supplemental lighting products, facilities, technology upgrading, cost reduction is the inevitable trend of long-term, PU Min believes that this trend is difficult to solve the short-term profitability and other difficult plant factory state, a new marketing model, it is conducive to enhancing agricultural additional value, and agricultural market environment changes, in fact, give houseplants plant open up new roads, current innovative marketing model, such as Jingdong, passenger cars, which are home to some of the new sales approach that deserves attention.
To achieve sustainable and profitable business model plant factory, there are several angles of the problem need to think, one should not simply grow vegetables, with high economic value, such as Panax, Dendrobium and other drugs to get through the plant, product combinations; the second is the structural design, you can use eco-style, removable, small-scale plant facility, the links-style, so the supply chain can be made more whole point; third is the group orientation, the user must be accurate, guaranteed profits.

In the steady state level of technology in a certain stage, compared to consider technological breakthroughs, the business model is actually very critical. Today, semiconductor lighting technology has developed to a certain stage, the era of cross-border agriculture and the advent of the LED industry, enterprise and adhere to the mining industry needs careful cross-border value chain, creating depth value for customers, adhere to technological innovation, maximize value, rapid development.

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