8W Integrated Solar LED Street light

Name:8W Integrated Solar LED Street light
Built-in lithium Battery:FePO4 Lithium battery 12V/6Ah
CRI:≧75 Ra
Beam Angle:120°
Charge time:6 hours(by sun)
Discharge time:12 hours(full power) 24 hours (half power)

Product Description

Thanks for using LED solar street light.

The design of the LED solar street light comes from the inspiration and power of the universe, combined the best energy saving parts---solar panel, led lamp and special battery. With the help of the controller and PIR sensor, it realizes the functions of high brightness with low energy, long lifespan and free maintenance. At the same time, it is very convenient to ship and install. 

Specifications: GL-208-8W

Integrated Solar Garden Light(6W)


Solar panel

Max Power

18V 18W(high efficiency imported silicon solar cell)

Life Time

25 years



FePO4 Lithium battery 12V/6Ah

Life Time

2 years

Led lamp(With sensor)

Max Power

12V 8W

Led chip brand

Epistar from Taiwan with high brightness



Life Time

50000 hours



Iron Q235







Metal spray pain,surface of fluorocarbon spray paint

Lamps material of main

Aluminum Alloy

Charge time

6 hours(by sun)

Discharge time

12 hours(full power)

24 hours (half power)



Warranty period

2 years

Packing& Weight

Product/Packing Size


Product/Packing Weight


Packing Box


Carton Size



1 set/carton

Packs Containers


800 sets


1600 sets

The following are tips and directions for LED solar street light, please pay attention.

①“LED solar street light” could not work without sunshine, please select the suitable model according to the local sunshine radiation and the annual total radiation.We suggest use the both AC and DC charging model in those places where lack of sunshine or have long-time rainy days.

②“LED solar street light” adopts the long life Lithium battery for storing energy, charging temperature at day time is between:  -30°C~+60°C,when temperature goes lower than -30°C ,the control system will stop automatically to protect the battery, and it will revive to charge the battery while temperature goes higher than 0°C. Discharging temperature at night is between: -30°C~+60°C, any ambient beyond will take damage to the battery. So please check these factors while selecting the street light.

③Battery of the “LED solar street light” can be stored for 6 months long after fully charged. Therefore please examine and charge it periodically after long time transportation or storage to prevent damaging.

④When you install the lights in Northern Hemisphere, please adjust the solar panel to the South as much as possible to collect maximum sunshine radiation, while install them in Southern Hemisphere, By the same token, keep solar panel to north. At the same time please keep it away from any shadow of houses, trees etc.

⑤Keep clear of the surface of the LED solar street light with normal detergent to get maximum power generation, clear the dust or tree leaves or any grease.

⑥LED solar street light have got the standard of IP65.The vents on the surface is designed for radiating.The materials are made of aluminum alloy which can survive in the environment of seaside and desert.

⑦Please turn on the switch when using.

 Installing Directions:

①To place the light pole into the best spot with good day lighting . The light pole should be the length 3-5m, the thickness 2.0mm with material iron or steel, the diameter 40-100mm.
②Please check if the components are all here when open the packing, the components are show below.
③Please turn on the switch before using.
④Place the lamp on the pole by its sleeve,and make sure it is steady,then it is OK.

﹡We have right to improve the structure of our products without any special notice. If there is anything  different from data here, please follow what it is.

We guarantee that we have done what we can to improve the contents of the instruction, so we will not assume any loss of this.


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